New Patient Portal

Our office is open and still seeing patients during this time. For updated office policy information, please follow us on Facebook/Instagram or call our office during business hours.

How We Provide Care

 Our Practice is known for its high level of care for all  patients. Our office has experience in the  management    of pregnancies associated with diabetes, hypertension,  asthma, advanced  maternal age, multiple gestations,  thyroid disease, pre-term labor, fibroids, pelvic masses,  bleeding, and abnormal Pap smears. We also offer in-  house ultrasound services,  Urodynamics testing,  maternal-fetal monitoring, and non-stress testing.

We at Tulsa Women's Health Care are very proud of our reputation as an exceptionally conscientious and personable practice. We try our very best to extend personalized care to each and every patient.

Thank you for visiting our Web site. Our patients are very important to us. We have developed this Web site as a way to help educate our patients and to provide a service to them that would not be possible without the technology of the internet. We hope you enjoy our site and would appreciate you sharing it with a friend or family member.